About Edel

A love of order and straight lines, people and paper has led me, very happily, to this point! Combining a career in management training and development with my relatively new-found bookbinding skills, I teach classes in bookbinding designed so that you can produce the same great results at home using easily available tools and materials. You will also have the flexibility and confidence to experiment with your own ideas if this is something you'd like to do.

My book binding experiences date back to childhood experiments, inspired by Little Women’s Jo and involving brown paper scrapbooks, Christmas cards and wallpaper paste. At 15, and somehow in the 1960's west of Ireland, I found some beautiful Venetian paper and still have that first bound book with words of inspiration and motivation written by my Grandmother! Later I discovered the wonderful papers of Japan and had the exciting experience of living in Asia in the 1990’s where I was able to pursue my papercraft passion.

On arriving in Cambridge in 2000 my wonderful husband supported the idea of a career change and found that first class which eventually led to an internship in a traditionally-run bookbinders in the city. After learning the basics of the craft I have developed my own style, bringing together ancient skills with contemporary crispness - mixing Coptic sewing techniques with chiyogami paper, fusing funky leather spines with traditional marbled papers and so on.

And then the circle closed! From assisting at the classes I first attended I developed and established my own programmes. My love of seeing people's joy as they discover something new had made its final (I hope!) shift from corporate to craft.

My work is currently available at Cambridge Contemporary Crafts, VKGallery, St. Ives and the Over Gallery and I participate in  Cambridge Showcase as well as Mill Road Winter Fair.

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