What previous participants have said:

‘What a lovely morning! Thank you so much! I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed doing something new as much as I did today and in such really lovely company as well! I’m so thrilled with what we produced and can’t wait to give the hardback book to my daughter on Saturday.' Sue

‘I enjoyed the day SO much. Your teaching was splendid and I can't wait to see how Simon reacts when he receives the present.’ Dani

'What I love the most is that while each person in the class follows the same basic steps, there is still so much room for individuality and creativity; each book is unique and reflects the maker.' Chiu-Chun

‘Well, what a fabulous morning ! If I have retained just 20% then its a real bonus though hopefully my pictures will keep a lot of the detail. Will send you and Sue what I have done - will be fun to do ! As you can imagine, Virginia was amazed with what I brought home from our morning’s lesson ! Now for the future and what I shall do with this knowledge/skill!’ James

'Just to say thank you so much for the wonderful book making party you organised. Everyone loved it and left with fabulous ideas of things to make, how to adapt it for school, home etc.' Helen

'I have been going through our books seeing which way the line of the paper runs and wondering if it makes a difference to the way in which they age (sad but true).' Helen P

‘Ella and opened our books and they are both perfect specimens, no stuck pages, beautiful spines - we love them! Thank you so much!’ Helen T

‘A most satisfying way to spend a day, and you couldn’t ask for a more friendly and relaxed environment.’ Max

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